Z/X Code OverBoost v1.01.000 (Mod Apk)

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Z/X Code OverBoost

Z/X Code OverBoost v1.01.000 (Mod Apk) ■ Characters of the popular trading card game rampage this time with the app
Z / X is a very popular trading card game that has sold over 28 million packs.
Among them, popular character characters are Z / X Code OverBoost (Z / X Code OverBoost) for smartphones.
In addition to the new character “Lilfi” drawn by Dr. Moshi, the popular character “Z / X” that appears in the anime “Z / X Code reunion” that will air from October 2019 “ “Kakamigahara Azumi” and “Rigel” also appeared.

■ Story
“Zex Code Over Boost Z / X Code OverBoost” is an original story that weaves popular characters from Z / X.


It is the name of mankind who has evolved in five different futures.
They started a war to make each future a “real history”.

It seemed that the struggle for survival would continue until all were destroyed.
Based on the proposal of a certain person, the Five Worlds will conclude a truce.

The young man visited the place with hope and hope to enjoy a peaceful moment.
As a student of “Kuzuryu Gakuen” created by providing technology from the world.

That should have been …
……How did this happen!?

■ Battle
In “Zex Code OverBoost Z / X Code OverBoost”, you can team up with your favorite leader and up to 5 Z / X.
SD characters are cute and comical battles!
Take a close look at your opponent’s movements and hit the deadly overdrive technique!

■ Nurture
Let’s nurture and strengthen your favorite Z / X.
In addition to raising the level, you can strengthen your XX in various ways, such as “awakening” to awaken various abilities and “evolution” to improve your rarity and status.

■ Illustration
Beautiful character illustrations by gorgeous illustrators make the game exciting.

■ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/zxtcg
* Related hashtag #ZX_TCG #ZX_COB #ZX_CR

■ Z / X official site https://www.zxtcg.com/

■ App official site https:// www.zxtcg.com/overboost/

■ Supported terminals
・ Android device with Android 5.0 or higher / Required capacity: 2GB or more
* Some models may not work with the recommended version or higher.
* Games may not work smoothly depending on the environment and device usage.
It may be improved by closing the app, turning off the device, or clearing the cache.

© Broccoli / Happinet / AMATAゼクス コードオーバーブースト Z/X Code OverBoost
ゼクス コードオーバーブースト Z/X Code OverBoost
ゼクス コードオーバーブースト Z/X Code OverBoost
ゼクス コードオーバーブースト Z/X Code OverBoost

1 hit

Install Steps:
1. Download mod & OBB
2. Extract & move jp.co.broccoli.zxcob.android file to /Android/OBB/
3. Install mod
4. Enjoy!


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Z/X Code OverBoost v1.01.000 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Z/X Code OverBoost v1.01.000 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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